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Welcome to Hypnotherapy Training Canada

by Wellness Hypnotherapy Institute

Accredited by National Guild of Hypnotists, Inc.


Wellness Hypnotherapy will pay for the first year membership fees of NGH, student books and kits (a value of around $250).

NGH members are also eligible for liability insurance through NGH insurance agent in Canada.

Scientific Biofiled Energy Treatment experiment

Padman’s Scientific experiment on Biofield Energy Treatment (Trivedi Effect) has been accepted for publication in the peer reviewed American Journal of Health Research. Click below to read more.

Effect of Biofield Energy Healing Treatment (The Trivedi Effect®) Based Herbomineral Formulation on Pro-Inflammatory Cytokines Expression in Murine Dendritic and Splenocyte Cells

Vocational School Recognition by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has recognized that Wellness Hypnotherapy Training Institute (WHI) is a VOCATIONAL SCHOOL, as WHI is established and operating primarily to provide instruction in courses that develop or enhance the student's occupational skills. This is of great benefit to students, as this means tuition fees are not subject to GST.


Certified Educational Institution

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, has certified WELLNESS HYPNOTHERAPY INSTITUTE, under subparagraphs 118.5(1) (a) (ii) of the Income Tax Act as an educational institution.

As a result, the fees paid to Wellness Hypnotherapy Institute by the students for the purpose of the tuition, education and text books qualify as eligible tuition expenses for Income Tax purposes.


The Hypnotherapy Training Canada programs are conducted through the WELLNESS HYPNOTHERAPY INSTITUTE in order to help individuals in their professional development as competent hypnotherapists. It also conducts continuing education programs, refresher courses, workshops, and mentorship programs through the same institute. These programs and current curriculum meet and exceed competencies that are requirements for membership in IMDHA International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association, IHF (International Hypnosis Federation), and NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists).

The registrants are also encouraged to attend various national and international hypnosis conferences every year and to update their knowledge through books, video and audio tapes in order to further develop their confidence and competencies as hypnotherapists.

We are very proud that our course structure, basic training curriculum, and training programs far exceed the acceptable standards of our accrediting bodies. Expect this training and curriculum to be rigorous and demanding, but fun & rewarding at the same time.

Certified Hypnotherapy Training in Edmonton Canada

Welcome to Hypnotherapy Training Canada, conducted through the internationally recognized Wellness Hypnotherapy Institute. Our hypnotherapy courses are held in Edmonton CA. Hypnotherapy Training Canada offers superior mentorship, continuing education programs, refresher courses, and workshops to keep our students up to date on the latest effective techniques and breakthroughs in hypnotherapy. We encourage our students to attend hypnotherapy conferences every year, read publications, and engage in video and audio learning materials to continuously acquire more knowledge on hypnotherapy. Your hypnotherapy education does not stop beyond the classroom; there is something to be gained from every experience. Our students’ success is the root of our existence. We do everything in our power to make your success a reality. We will guide you to be the best hypnotherapist you can be.

Our hypnotherapy training program through class time, hands on experience, and supplementary resources goes above and beyond the recommended minimum prescribed by the accrediting organizations. The courses are challenging, but encouraging, fun, and rewarding at the same time.

Hypnotherapy training is not for everybody. With it comes an understanding of ethics and large responsibility. However, if you understand these conditions and if you have a yearning and passion to help others, hypnotherapy may be a good career option for you. The results of hypnotic therapy are lasting change. Hypnotherapy provides freedom from burdens that impair wellness and hinder the ability to live life to the fullest.

Learn the healing power of hypnotherapy through our program. Hypnotherapy has been proven effective for many tricky ailments, one of the most popular being smoking cessation. Many people who have tried other treatments have been ineffective, or quit for a while then revert back. It has also been proven effective for weight release, insomnia, and deep-rooted self esteem issues. Hypnotherapy has been proven effective at changing people’s thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, feelings, and channeling them towards positivity.

When you finish the Hypnotherapy Training Canada program, you will be a proficient certified hypnotherapist, ready to tackle tough situations and puzzling conditions that seem to persist with no avail. If you are interested in pursuing hypnotherapy as a career, contact Hypnotherapy Training Canada for more information on our curriculum.

If you like to make $100 or more per hour while helping people, this training may be for you. This is a very comprehensive training in the use and practice of hypnosis. You will learn many secrets of hypnosis, results oriented techniques and self -hypnosis to attain, larger, freer and expanded version of yourself.

This is an intensive training, which gives you the knowledge and experience of complete emersion in hypnotherapy. You will get tons of hand outs and exercises to enhance your learning.


Padman Pillai

Padman Pillai, M.Sc, (London), A.R.I.C. (Associate Member of the Royal Institute of Chemistry), C.C.H. (Certiefied Consultant Hypnotist), C.I. (Certified Instructor) and Fellow of the International Hypnosis Federation, has been training individuals in the practice of hypnotherapy since the year 2003. Padman instructed Continuing Education programs for the Edmonton Public School Board for eighteen years. He presented courses for NAIT’s (the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) employee In-Service program for six years. He has appeared on many television programs such as City TV’s Breakfast Television, CTS- TV, SURYA TV, in India and Global TV in Edmonton.

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Course Curriculum:

The complete course consists of 270 hours of training and a two year mentorship.

Download: 2017 Hypnotherapy Training Course Curriculum (PDF) [UPDATED AND EXPANDED]

After successful completion of 270 hours of training, and passing the certifying exams of IMDHA, IHF, and NGH the registrants are eligible for certification as Certified Hypnotherapists (C.Ht).

The course curriculum includes the following topics:


Note: This training is not for everyone!

Do you have high standard of integrity?
Are you willing to learn and grow continuously?

You are a good candidate if you...


This is a perfect training for both beginners as well as practicing hypnotherapists who aspire to reach a high level of success in their career.

You will take away gems that are invaluable to your career. These are the same secrets Padman uses in his sessions, which made him one of the most sought after Hypnotherapists in Alberta.

You will be surrounded by like-minded Master Mind people. The connections and friendship you make will make you a member of the close-knit community.

Advanced ruling by Canada Revenue Agency: Your Tuition, books and other costs may be deductible against your other income. Please consult your tax Accountant regarding your personal situation.


May 7th to 11th 2018

June 11th to 15th, 2018

July 9th to 13th, 2018

August 13th to 18th, 2018

Total 4 weeks training. Each day the classes start at 9.00 A.M and finish at 6.00 P.M.

Lunch and coffee will be provided.


Room #159
Providence Renewal Centre
3005-119 Street
Edmonton, T6J 5R5

Tuition Investment:

Your tuition investment also includes the following:

  1. First year membership fee of National Guild of Hypnotists, and cost of NGH instruction manual and tapes, etc will be paid by WHI (Approximate value $250)
  2. Liability Insurance in Canada (available at your own expense)
  3. Refreshments during class
  4. Handouts covering all topics
  5. Handout for profound Somnambulism (New)
  6. Handout for Relaxation of the fetus (New)
  7. The following scripts:
    • Insomnia script
    • Weight Release
    • Pain Control
    • Eliminate Anxiety
    • Akashic Records
    • Past life Regression
    • Memory training
    • How to convince a skeptical client
    • Calming tool
    • How to collapse anchors
  8. Meditation CD
  9. Stop Smoking CD
  10. Hypnosis background music- CD's 1 & 2
  11. Two text books (100 pages each)
  12. Marketing ideas book
  13. Two marketing ideas Video tapes
  14. Hypnosis video tape
  15. Hypnosis audio tapes
  16. Chevreul’s Pendulum
  17. Wellness Hypnotherapy Clinic's
    1. Personal Data Record and Liability Waiver
    2. Client Record Form
    3. Psycho Physical Reaction Checklist
    4. Hypnotic Contract

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Here are what students are saying about the program:


May 2017

First of all I would like to say how blessed and grateful I feel to be in your class.   I have learned so much in this first week out of the four weeks of training.   Thank you!!!    Also, thank you to you and your wife Indira, for providing such a warm and welcoming environment and good conversation.  That is something I will take with me forever.   And the cooking is amazing and something I hadn’t expected.  So again, thank you very much!

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NEW Testimonial

Oct 2017

"Padman is extremely knowledgeable person. You can not get this level of knowledge out of a text book nor taking a couple of days of class. When u are taking his teachings you know that you will be well informed to be a good Hypotherapist. Thanks Padman for sharing your many years of experience."

By: Linda Varadi of Perfectly Divine Wellness Centre & Spa


Sept 2017

I have had the great privilege of listening over many years to my clients (I own a small business) and to my loving and cherished friends and family. During these conversations something always comes to the forefront that has continued to block that person, myself included, from moving forward into our best life. Sure, we can maneuver our daily, weekly, yearly lifestyles quite comfortably and with reasonable control.


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August 2017

Dear Mr. Pillai,

My name is Shelley Mesman, I spoke with you earlier last week and booked an appt for a "quit smoking" session on Aug 3rd.

During our conversation you suggested I view your website, which I have now read through several times, and am exhilarated with excitement!

To discover you also do regression therapy, not only that, but you took Dr. Weiss's therapy course, has ignited a spark in my soul that is simply beyond words to describe!

Then, to learn of your training course and that you actually teach hypnotherapy to others, well, I am still at moments in utter disbelief!!!! I am literally vibrating as I write this to you!

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Testimonial from Loyola College of Social Sciences

January 2015


Testimonial from Dr. Shivani

May 2015

I took the Registered Hypnotherapist training program at WELLNESS HYPNOTHERAPY INSTITUTE, in April-May-2015. I was amazed by the high quality of instruction and one-on one personalized attention, not to mention the interactive sessions. It was like having private lessons in Hypnotherapy for the price of group sessions. The curriculum was equally balanced between theory and hands on practice. Padman always made sure that we learned to apply the techniques correctly and achieve results to develop confidence. He encouraged us to ask questions and stayed back after class to attend to individual queries. I give Padman’s R.Ht training a solid A+. I am convinced that I could not have made a better choice of a school for Hypnotherapy training. Thank you Padman for your sincerety, dedication and determination to make each one of your students the very best Hypnotherapist.

Good Luck and God speed.

Dr. SHIVANI DASS, P.hd., M.S.W., R.S.W.,C.R.C., N.C.A.C.I


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