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Please read more testimonials regarding Padman's skills in healing, Hypnotherapy and other modalities in the testimonial page of his web site: Edmonton Hypnotherapy.


May 2017

First of all I would like to say how blessed and grateful I feel to be in your class.   I have learned so much in this first week out of the four weeks of training.   Thank you!!!    Also, thank you to you and your wife Indira, for providing such a warm and welcoming environment and good conversation.  That is something I will take with me forever.   And the cooking is amazing and something I hadn’t expected.  So again, thank you very much!

I also wanted to say, I had never been hypnotized before and even though I have done relaxation techniques in the past with my clients, I personally have never experienced it myself.   So, I thank you for the opportunity which was really important to me.   I must say though, I was very surprised at my reaction to it.  You put me under very quickly, but that wasn’t what I was surprised with.   I was surprised because of what I seen and felt.   When you said the word sleep...  I have seen a flash of white/silver light it was bright like a flash bulb then it went black/dark and I don’t remember anything until you counted me out.   I felt good and relaxed and happy, but I’m not sure what to think about my experience with the bright light I experienced.   LOL

What I enjoy most about your class, is not just the theory because we can read anything out of the book ourselves.   I love to learn from your experience and love the hands on practice.   Thank you so much for sharing all these invaluable gifts.

I have attached my weight loss script.  For my clients, I will customize it more as you have suggested.   I will implement their trigger foods, or emotional patterns etc... There is always room for improvement. :) 

Thank you very much again Padman, I cannot wait to be back in your class and learn so much more!


Cheryl Otterbein

P.S. - Cheryl is a practicing Hypnotherapist

NEW Testimonial

Sept 2017

I have had the great privilege of listening over many years to my clients (I own a small business) and to my loving and cherished friends and family. During these conversations something always comes to the forefront that has continued to block that person, myself included, from moving forward into our best life. Sure, we can maneuver our daily, weekly, yearly lifestyles quite comfortably and with reasonable control.


What would you say if you were told to imagine an even better journey/outcome for your life? To have the tools to assist you through challenging moments instead of suffering in silence, confusion and loneliness?

If you can visualize your dreams – the Certified Hypnotherapy Training with Padman will make your dreams a reality. The concepts you learn and the work you put into yourself (and Padman’s many years of first hand experience) will launch you into your next level (or several levels). The Certified Hypnotherapy Training with Mr. Pillai is immensely worth investing in. Should you decide to enjoy ‘giving’ the therapy to friends and family – WORTH IT. Should you decide to open your Certified Hypnotherapy Business – WORTH IT. Should you decide to use the amazing resources for your own journey of healing, manifesting, working through everyday challenges – WORTH IT.

Lisa B. Schulte

NEW Testimonial

August 2017

Dear Mr. Pillai,

My name is Shelley Mesman, I spoke with you earlier last week and booked an appt for a "quit smoking" session on Aug 3rd.

During our conversation you suggested I view your website, which I have now read through several times, and am exhilarated with excitement!

To discover you also do regression therapy, not only that, but you took Dr. Weiss's therapy course, has ignited a spark in my soul that is simply beyond words to describe!

Then, to learn of your training course and that you actually teach hypnotherapy to others, well, I am still at moments in utter disbelief!!!! I am literally vibrating as I write this to you!

I do not believe in coincidence.  I truly believe with every ounce of my being I was meant to find and contact you.

I have waited several days before sending you this email, just to see if this feeling I have been experiencing remains or  Dissipates. It has continued to intensify!!  I now fall asleep at night and awaken each morning, thinking is this real?  Is this really happening and all the possibilities that surround it?  That it may not be too late in this life to fulfill my deepest desire for my own healing and then acquire the right skills to help others in their own emotional suffering, after all????!!!!!!

A dream I've laid to rest the past couple years because really, if I can't help myself how could I possibly help others?

I have so many questions to ask you, I cannot wait until Aug 3rd to meet you in person, it will be such a privilege and an honor!!!

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU for my healing on Aug 3rd!!!!!!

With my most sincere and kindest regards,
Shelley Mesman

Testimonial from Jeffrey LaCour

July 27, 2016

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Padman Pillai at the Louisiana Hypnotherapy Organization conference in New Orleans, LA. We had an interesting conversation about how so many people are medicated for every symptom our body experiences. This does not have to happen.

There is nothing supernatural or magical about hypnotism, and it remains a misunderstood and often-dreaded subject in the minds of the general public.

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NEW Testimonial from Sharon

April 2016

I have known Padman for 3 years and 5 months.

He is a gentleman with a gift to help those who need this expertise with the treatment of hypnosis. He enjoys working with various clients and is a conscientious teacher.

I was impressed by Padman’s calm and caring nature. I got to meet his lovely family and we have remained associates in a friendly manner. He teaches others Hypnosis so that this gift is helpful to those in need. He offered me a seminar out of complete kindness. I am honored. Padman is a kind man and a great teacher.

Sharon Truchan

Testimonial from Joan Parker

April 2016

Taking my Hypnotherapy training at Wellness Hypnotherapy of Edmonton with Padman Pillai was absolutely life changing. Not only did I learn about Hypnotherapy but with Padman's gentle support and guidance he created a safe environment that encouraged both emotional and spiritual growth for me. I now spend every day helping others in my own practice and I am grateful for Padman and Wellness Hypnotherapy Institute.

Joan Parker

Testimonial from Lola

April 2016

I have known padman for 1 year.

Padman is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist and an Instructor of Hypnotherapy

He is a very caring person who really do want the best for his clients and Students. I was a student of Padmans as well as did a hypnotherapy session with him. You can really see and feel his compassion for you. His understanding and knowledge of hypnotherapy is of outstanding standard. He invited me into his home as if i were one of his own families. He has many skills to provide for your healing process as he helped heal some of my old wounds. Padman is real!



May 2015

I took the Registered Hypnotherapist training program at WELLNESS HYPNOTHERAPY INSTITUTE, in April-May-2015. I was amazed by the high quality of instruction and one-on one personalized attention, not to mention the interactive sessions. It was like having private lessons in Hypnotherapy for the price of group sessions. The curriculum was equally balanced between theory and hands on practice. Padman always made sure that we learned to apply the techniques correctly and achieve results to develop confidence. He encouraged us to ask questions and stayed back after class to attend to individual queries. I give Padman’s R.Ht training a solid A+. I am convinced that I could not have made a better choice of a school for Hypnotherapy training. Thank you Padman for your sincerety, dedication and determination to make each one of your students the very best Hypnotherapist.

Good Luck and God speed.

Dr. SHIVANI DASS, P.hd., M.S.W., R.S.W.,C.R.C., N.C.A.C.I


Testimonial from Jeffrey LaCour

July 27, 2016

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Padman Pillai at the Louisiana Hypnotherapy Organization conference in New Orleans, LA. We had an interesting conversation about how so many people are medicated for every symptom our body experiences. This does not have to happen.

There is nothing supernatural or magical about hypnotism, and it remains a misunderstood and often-dreaded subject in the minds of the general public.

This resistance stems from our natural fear of any powerful force we do not understand. Ironically, there is a much greater danger in not understanding it. This force does not come from the hypnotist, but from your own subconscious mind, and if you do not control it, it controls you.

Most of our physical ailments and mental depressions are the result of this uncontrolled power working against us when we could easily be using it to our advantage.

Thank you Padman for giving a great presentation at our conference, and taking the time explaining to me what hypnosis can do for me.

I am also enjoying your CD's that I purchased, because they are so refreshing and relaxing.

Jeffrey LaCour

Testimonial from Melinda

July 30, 2015

When I first came to see you for a session I was amazed at the results that hypnotherapy did for myself. You put me into the comfort zone that I needed for trusting. My muscles in my body were so relaxed, and that I was surprised that my body was holding so much tension. So when you asked me if I was interested in learning to do hypnotherapy for others, I jumped at the chance.

Taking the course with you was so much fun, relaxing, interesting, and of course very amazing. Learning the techniques about hypnosis was such an eye opener for me and it helped me to get to a state of being peaceful. I love the way you taught the class with such positive feelings every day. I highly recommend Padman’s excellent teaching methods, vast experience and knowledge to anybody who is exploring Hypnotherapy training.

I thank him for showing me what hypnotherapy is all about! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. With love to Padman and Indira.

God Bless You. Namaste!


Testimonial from L. Thomson

July 21 2015

I chose to attend the Wellness Hypnotherapy Institute because it is accredited by ARCH. This accreditation allowed me to register with ARCH, IMDHA and IHF. Obtaining liability insurance upon completion of the course was an added benefit. Padman generously shared his time, knowledge, experience and enthusiasm with the class. His desire to ensure his students are successful and competent in hypnotherapy was evident throughout the duration of the course.

L. Thomson


July 2015

Kevin Creaghan


July 2015

Lola Hynes


July 2015

Navi Dhoot


September 2014

Hi Padman Pillai,

Thank you for the greatest gift of learning from you; I had and I continue to have great sessions; my knowledge is increasing day by day thanks to your tips and stories you shared during our training.

I have helped many during my practice, and I am certain many others will get this benefit, improve their lives, and learn from their fears; so all can have a peaceful and a more relaxed living.

I have seen lots of aspects of hypnosis and I am learning more about human emotions, their source and forgiveness (cure to all diseases).

To me this is a dream come true, I always wanted to learn the process of hypnosis. I am completely satisfied with your teachings. It was worth the Money I paid for the tuition with no regrets.

Thank you so much for the knowledge and teachings,

Leo Pena


July 2014

Hi Padman Pillai,

In my goal towards certification in hypnotherapy, I came across with Wellness Hypnotherapy Institute managed by Padman Pillai. It was a great experience to be trained under an instructor who is knowledgeable, professional, kind, supportive, and a man of encouragement by motivating everyone towards a positive future. I learned from hypnotherapy that our minds can be transformed into a prosperity oriented entity. The training I received from Padman Pillai contained the best things about hypnotherapy from variety of sources from different authors related to hypnotherapy. I recommend training at Wellness Hypnotherapy Institute for those who wish to be a certified and skilled hypnotherapist. Best wishes to those who enroll in his modules.

Thank you very much.



July 2014

Fourteen year old swimmer wins three medals with the added help from Hypnotherapist PADMAN PILLAI. Mind is the reason for everything. With proper practice and help from coaches, including mental training one can achieve great successes. Sky is the limit!


July 2014

In spring 2014, I had the pleasure of attending the Wellness Hypnotherapy Institute’s certification course. This course provides comprehensive hypnotherapy training from beginner through advanced levels, focusing on the most effective and up-to-date approaches. The curriculum covers a full range of topics and techniques from pain management, weight reduction, smoking cessation, regression to stage hypnosis.

The class sizes are kept small, so everyone is able to participate in class discussions and receive individualized attention. An abundance of useful resources are provided and the days are packed with lectures, demonstrations, films, practice periods and group hypnosis sessions. Padman’s excitement and passion for teaching is evident. He continuously engages the class offering invaluable insight into everything, from working as a hypnotherapist to starting a business, by sharing his own personal experiences. During the training, I witnessed Padman demonstrate on students using past–life regression, emotional freedom technique, energy healing and many other hypnotic techniques that resulted in both physical and emotional healings. Following the demonstrations, students practiced these techniques on each other, under close supervision.

Throughout the course Padman and his wife, Indira, provided genuine hospitality and kindness to all the students. Thanks to Padman’s instruction, I now have the necessary skills and confidence to help clients achieve lasting change and wellness. I am truly grateful for all the training I received from one the very best hypnotherapy schools in Canada. Thank you Padman.

Many Blessings,
- S.O’Connor


May 2014

I just wanted to share my opinion about my experiences as a student of Padman pillai at the Wellness Hypnotherapy Institute. I took the Hypnotherapy training course in May 2013 and I have since become fully certified as a hypnotherapist. I loved the course as Padman presented it, the environment was lovely to learn in and meet others with similar interests. Hypnosis has changed my life--thank you Padman for everything you have helped me to learn and understand. It is my goal now to spread the knowledge of hypnosis to all who are interested.

- Alana


March 2014

Three years ago I watched Padman Pillai help a woman by eliminating her back pain at the International Hypnosis Federation conference in San Pedro, CA. We were sitting at a dinner table for 8, and I was fortunate enough to be seated next to Padman. My first impression of Padman was that he had a wonderful and kind healing energy about him. As the evening progressed, it was apparent that one of the ladies at the table was in deep pain. When questioned, she said her back was really bothering her and she had been suffering from excruciating back pain for years. Padman asked her some questions about the pain, and, through his gift of healing, was able to eliminate her pain. When I talked to her the next morning, she said she had enjoyed her best night’s sleep in years and was completely pain-free. At the next year’s International Hypnosis Federation conference, she told me that she had not had any further pain after Padman’s treatment. Two years later when I saw her, she was still pain-free. I highly recommend and endorse Padman Pillai for his extraordinary talents in the Hypnotherapy field.

- Dr. Bunny Vreeland


Febrary 2014

Thank you Padman…..You are the greatest!!!

In the past I have often wondered if testimonials are genuine; now, I know this one is, because I wrote it!!!

When I was looking for a Hypnotherapy course, I spent a lot of time researching different courses, and it was Padman’s course that stood out above all others for me. The course content, practical training and mentorship that is offered with it was what attracted me as it had a wonderful balance of not just theoretical teachings but a lot of practical elements and did a mention abundance of resources, tons and tons of material which is priceless...(continued)

With my greatest respect and appreciation,

Julie M.


Febrary 2014

Thank you Padman…..You are the greatest!!!

In the past I have often wondered if testimonials are genuine; now, I know this one is, because I wrote it!!!

When I was looking for a Hypnotherapy course, I spent a lot of time researching different courses, and it was Padman’s course that stood out above all others for me. The course content, practical training and mentorship that is offered with it was what attracted me as it had a wonderful balance of not just theoretical teachings but a lot of practical elements and did a mention abundance of resources, tons and tons of material which is priceless. Taking time off from my full time job and travelling to Edmonton for the course with my little girl was the hardest decision for me. But Padman listened and helped further explain everything and even offered several options that helped me making my decision and I am ever thankful that I decided to attend his course. When I embarked on Hypnotherapy training I knew nothing, absolutely nothing about Hypnotherapy and when I left Wellness Hypnotherapy Institute I left feeling equipped and ready to work with clients. Padman puts so much time, effort, his wonderful energy and expertise and has a wonderful unique approach making learning so much more fun. Everything I learnt on the course from a theoretical point of view was backed up by lots and lots of practical training as well...

If you are looking for a comprehensive challenging course that will take you out of your comfort zone while providing the support to help you achieve your desire to become a successful hypnotherapist, then I recommend you consider Wellness Hypnotherapy Institute. It is a rare occurrence to experience people that offer over and above the basics. Well, Padman Pillai exceeds all expectations and sets the bar very high. Padman is a powerhouse of skill, knowledge, credibility, insight, energy and fun! If you undertake his Hypnotherapy course, be prepared to have your world rocked. Padman does everything within his power to help you get to where you want. The rest is up to you! If you have a chance to train with him, seize it!!!

Thank you Padman for getting me off to such a good start in the profession. I have learned so much from you personally and I highly recommend your course to all who would like to learn and grow in the field of Hypnotherapy, it is worth its weight in gold!

With my greatest respect and appreciation,

Julie M.


November 2013

The hypnotherapy training I received from Wellness Hypnotherapy Clinic was an incredible experience. I feel it should be called hypnotherapy training and beyond, because the information provided was also to help us become healthier and happier so we can be more effective in assisting clients to overcome their challenges. The instruction was thorough, and provided real life scenarios to learn from, as well as providing time for practice of the techniques learned. The environment was that of genuine caring for each student, and ensuring that each student had a thorough understanding of the information covered. Lastly, we were provided with an abundance of resources to explain the topics, and to help us get started on our journey. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in pursuing hypnotherapy.



August 2013

I thank you Padman for the wonderful instruction, guidance, care and attention given during hypnotherapy training course which was held during April-2013. I feel truly blessed to have had you as an Instructor. What an amazing individual you truly are?

You have made becoming a hypnotherapist a fantastic experience for me. Thank you!!!

Taryna Whidden
Awareness Hypnotherapy Ltd.


April 2013

I attended Padmans class in April 2013. On the first day Padman told everyone that this class was going to change their life. I really had no idea just how true this statement was. Within the first 8 days of class not only did I learn a wealth of knowledge about Hypnotherapy but I also learned a lot about myself and what I needed to do in order to move forward in my life. Even though I was a student and not a client of Padmans he helped me overcome some emotional obstacles that I had been holding onto for a very long time. It amazed me how quickly the Hypnosis and EFT allowed me to release the past and feel better about all areas in my life. This excited me and encouraged me to learn everything I could from Padman. If you are thinking of coming to Padman as a client I can assure you he has your best interest in mind. He is a very compassionate and professional Hypnotherapist and his success in the field reflects this. You will be in good hands.

If you are considering becoming a student of Padmans to learn the art of Hypnosis, I can tell you that he is an excellent teacher. He is patient and listens to the needs of each student. He wants each of his students to be the very best they can be. The course offers a lot more content then other courses and there is plenty of time to practice in class under his supervision. Even though there is a mountain of information the way he has structured the class allows you to absorb everything without feeling stressed. You will leave his class knowing that you have the skills to be an excellent Hypnotherapist and will feel confident to get started in the field. I truly can not express the changes Padman has made in my life and I recommend all the services he has to offer. I guarantee you will leave with way more then you ever expected. I would like to say thank you to Padman and Indira for everything you did to make our class happen. You are truly appreciated.

K. Armstrong
Red Deer, Alberta


June 24, 2013

I attended the spring course which started in spring of 2013 at this institution, and I completed all requirements for certification as "Registered Hypnotherapist". On the course of studying at this institution, I have been absolutely attracted and pleased by classes which they provided to me and the atmosphere that all members of the institution are treated as a family. Especially, Mr. Padman whom I consider as one of the greatest instructors all over the world gave me the finest and the best qualified class I could ever hope for. All the classes that he teaches at the institution are based on his plentiful experience and knowledge in this field as an expertise, and I am really appreciative and satisfied with him for sharing his invaluable knowledge with me

Therefore, I am definitely delighted to introduce this school to anyone who is interested in hypnotherapy and is willing to learn about this art. Now, I can confidently insist that you will have a chance to solve curiosity that you might have been wondered and to define your own philosophy through your life. They will teach you something more than you expected.
Thank you very much and I hope you enjoy being more than I did!

I thank Mr. Padman for all his kindness, hospitality and great teachings Also, I am appreciative all friends that I have made in the school

Changhwan Cho
S. Korea


January 2013

Heather Pannenbecker
Edmonton, Alberta


January 2013

Florian Stuettgen
Edmonton, Alberta


It is hard for me to imagine learning about hypnotherapy in a more easeful and enjoyable environment. Padman is a wonderful and caring teacher and took great care to provide a supportive context for the class. A lot of information was dispelled and the classes were structured (and how beautifully we were nourished by Indira!) to support the process of learning easily. Padman's gift as an energy healer adds an inspiring element to the classes. He continually encouraged all participants to remember their infinite potential, and to "be Number One.



Hi Padman!

Thank you for writing me back! I've viewed all the information given on your web site and I also checked all the organizations that you recommended to me. To tell you the truth I am very impressed with your work and with what you give to your students. That's why I have written to you in the first place and I believe that your course is superior to most other courses given across Canada.

Also I think we have a common ground concerning spirituality and meditation. All my life I've been on a spiritual quest and meditation is not new to me. I've studied psychology for six years (4 in New-Brunswick and 2 in Belgium) and my two thesis (1 for my bachelor degree and 1 for my master degree) was about spirituality, positive emotions and beliefs. Unfortunately the psychology department of the universities that I've been to don't take in account the importance of spirituality in the process of healing and the dynamics of the mind\body\soul connection.

So after much thinking and searching I've decided that hypnotherapy would be the right path for me. I believe that hypnotherapy can help people heal themselves and awaken to their true potential so they can live a life of fulfillment and joy. After all these years my true mission on earth is becoming clearer and I feel that hypnotherapy is something that I need to learn. Deep inside I always had the desire to help people to find their true purpose and to let go of their negative conditioning.

I believe in the Buddhist proverb that says "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear" so that's why I'm interested in taking your course and I know that there is a lot I can learn from you.

By the way I want to know if there is any places left in your course that starts the 24 of September?

Thank you and may Love and Peace be with you.

Peter-Jon Breau
New Brunswick, Canada


Hello Mr.Pillai, Hope you don't mind me writing to you on facebook, I am Priscilla Cortes, I had called you to get some information about the hypnosis course you will be teaching this September. I would like to add you on facebook, but I didn't want to seem too presumptuous and thought I would ask for permission first. I am hoping to be part of your hypnosis course this year and am very excited to meet you in person. I have heard about you for the past 3 years now and am very determined to be taught by you. :) Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, I appreciate your time :) Hope to meet you soon Mr.Pillai! light and love.

Prissy Cortes


Hello Padman, I just wanted to let you know that my practicum is complete, and I will be mailing it to you on Monday. I will go get the police/criminal check done this week-and mail it to you as soon as it comes in. I did most of my hours at 7th Chakra, with all of their customers and staff. It was a great experience; and I had a multitude of different issues to work on. And it is amazing to have clients so grateful-like you told us would happen-and have them notice a large shift since their sessions with me in their lives! Thank-you for all of your teachings and mentorship. I have now been hired by 7th Chakra to officially work there as a Hypnotherapist. I am hoping to create a wonderful reputation, and help many people.

Meera Duncan
Calgary, Alberta


Dear Padman, I thank you for your excellent teaching skills in hypnotherapy. I've learned a lot of valuable skills and techniques in hypnotherapy and how the power of imagination works. Taking this course has changed my life tremendously. Through your amazing instruction , you have inspired me to help others. I can only hope in the future that I will be given the opportunity to teach hypnotherapy as effectively as you do! Hypnotherapy is a discipline that would benefit society as a whole. Thank you!.

Eva Graham
Kenora, Ontario


Padman is a wonderful compassionate teacher and person. The hypnotherapy course gave me much insight into the career choice that I have embarked on. His knowledge and expertise in his field are far reaching into every aspect of life. I am truly blessed to know Padman Pillai, the person, the teacher, the therapist, the family man and finally my friend.

Shelly Petryshyn


Very informative and abundance of materials are provided. In fact there is too much information to digest in one month. Thank you. You have given me the breath of life. The reference book information can only further our expertise. I am very satisfied with this course. Thank you.

Leo Vas


Padman, your gentle quiet energy makes learning very easy. Thank you for your patience. Your determination to see all of us do well showed that you really cared about us as students and also for the profession. Thank you for the nurturing and nourishing meals/ snacks. We felt very spoilt. I feel completely happy and energized by what we have learnt.

Purvin Maherali

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